Marcos Oliveira, from Brasil to Mugello

  • Name: Marcos Manoel Marques de Oliveira (MM in my name, first that Marc Marquez 😅, I’m born in 1987)
  • Nationality: Manaus – Amazonas – Brasil
  • Profession: Mechanial Enginner

– Since when are you following and supporting Marc?

When his first championship in 2010.

In Brazil we were without a driver to cheer since Alex retired. There are many people who cheer for VR46 but I did not identify with him, it was another generation.

– Why Marc? What do you like the most about him?

Like Marc, I was always very young in what I did, I was the youngest in my class, the youngest in my university, the youngest at work and this sometimes annoyed the elders but as Márquez I knew how to get around and be a winner. In Brazil we have a common phrase: The Brazilian never gives up, and this is a characteristic of Marc.

– Do you have motorbike? If yes, onroad or offroad?

Yes, I have a Honda CB650F (Marc Marquez Edition 😅) on Road

-This experience will be your first in Europe? Why Mugello? 

This is my first time in Europe.

Well, I had to make a plan to cross the ocean. The first step was to check the amount of air miles to travel to Europe, then 3 friends of mine came across the ocean with me (I was able to split the costs like hotel, car etc). We decided Mugello because I was the only one to choose Spain (because I’m the only fan of Marc) my friends cheer for other riders and other brands. We agreed to go to Spain next time.

-How many tracks have you visited?

2, I visited Indianapolis and Austin.

-Your son is called Marc because of Marc Marquez?

Yes, when I met my wife in 2012 I was already a fan of Marc Marquez, so much of her attending races with me, she became a fan of Marc too. On our wedding cake we had a Marc motorcycle, we went to our honeymoon which was in Austin in a MotoGP race. Our son was made in Texas (April), he was born after 9 months in December. And when we discovered that we would have a son, we already knew that his name would be Marc Marquez.

– Do you have any anecdote with Marc?

My first trip to MotoGP was in Indianapolis and I went to visit the Museum so I was there looking at the history of the Museum and my friend Fabio who was with me, said “look, is Marc”, I thought it was a lie and I did not even look but he said “it’s true, I know you’re a fan, I would not joke about it”, and then there was Marc. I take a picture with our champion.


Some words about his experience….

Being in Mugello, living all this energy of the crazy Italians was incredible.

Visiting Marc here on Saturday was what we called in Brazil “the icing on the cake”. We met the fan club and it was the maximum all with the same passion and when finding our champion I could wish him a good race weekend, he autographed my family photos and we took a photo.

Sunday we had a spectacular race, those epic races to stay etched in the memory and I saw it all live, it was unbelievable. I just have to thank everyone who supported me and gave me support to make this great dream come true.

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